A 12-year-old boy swims missing and two large crocodiles are found by caesarean section – Australian News – Sydney

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        Sydney News January 1, AEST .12 year old boy fromcockatoo公园的死水潭内失踪,警方连夜搜寻,并射两条鳄,切开它们的肚子,但依旧没有找到男孩的尸体。

        week,失踪的男孩和朋友在Jabiru附近Mudginberri的死水潭中游泳时遭到一条咸水鳄s attack.

        Stephen Constable称,今天凌晨,警方选中其中两条大鳄,怀疑男孩被这两只鳄吞食了,其中一条4.3米长,另一条4.7米长。不过,在剖开了鳄的肚子后,并没有男孩的尸体。今天警方将继续搜寻。

        In the week的鳄案中,另12岁的男孩被鳄He bit his arm, but he was still lucky to escape.


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