2014-01-27 13:44:24 Source: Sydney Original Website Alisonedit

Sydney News, January 1th, Australian Eastern Time Yesterday, a 27-year-old boy disappeared from the backwater pool in Kakadu National Park in the Northern Territory. The police searched overnight and shot two crocodiles and cut their stomachs, but there was still nothing. Find the boy's body.

On Sunday, the missing boy and friend were attacked by a saltwater crocodile while swimming in a backwater pool in Mudginberri near Jabiru.

Police officer Stephen Constable said that early this morning, the police selected two of the crocodiles and suspected that the boy had been swallowed by the two crocodiles. One was 4.3 meters long and the other was 4.7 meters long. However, after cutting open the crocodile's belly, the boy's body was not found. The police will continue the search today.

In Sunday's crocodile attack, another 12-year-old boy was bitten by a crocodile in his arm, but he was still lucky to escape.