Sydney Today, April 4, Australian Eastern Time, when Elizabeth Wheeler and Rodney Vlais decided to build a 18-star house in the suburbs of Melbourne, they were not only inspired by the promise of greener living, but also the cost of building the house. They felt extremely pleased.

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Ms Wheeler said: "We are really confident that our choice will have a significant impact on environmental protection, but we are also worried that a lot of money will be spent." On a site in the suburbs of Preston, they spent (in terms of environmental protection) It is more than 4 Australian dollars, which is about 42% of the house cost price of 9 Australian dollars. This environmental protection cost does not include the cost of building a two-storey house with 3 bedrooms.

Most of the house’s facilities are straightforward: double-layered smooth windows, high-quality insulation, doors and windows of appropriate size, graceful cement floors, long eaves that can block the sun, and the design with reverse thin panels make the house winter Warm and cool in summer.

They installed a 3.8KW solar energy on the roof. Ms Wheeler said that their home's electricity consumption is less than half of the average Australian house's electricity consumption. There is enough electricity and it is very affordable. Their most recent electricity bill was $784. She said: "Compared with the mandatory 6-star energy-saving standard for houses, we can save about A$3500 a year. Of course, the price of water and electricity will rise significantly in the next few years, so we can save even more. We feel that the extra cost can be recovered within ten years."

Ms Wheeler believes that compared with their 9-star "ambition", the mandatory 6-star standard for new houses and major innovations-Baillieu may cancel this policy, and only need to renovate and design well. It can be easily reached.

But she mentioned that better energy conservation can save money. Many people still don’t understand this argument. “There are some things that no one has done before. We did. But what we need is a smarter and bolder construction industry. "(Ivy)