Man missed the train home, kneeled and begged to let him into the station – Australia

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The man knelt in front of the station staff and asked him to enter the station and board the train.

May 112点33分,杭州,站候车大厅内正在候车的一位小伙子突然冲过检票护栏要求上车,这时通往站台的大门已经锁上,只见他突然跪在一位车站工作人员面前要求让他进站上车。

工作人员看了看他的车票后该男子拿杭州到西安的1154次列车,此时列车已经出发,已经没有乘坐本次列车的可能性了。在列车工作人员的耐心Next, the young man finally followed the suggestion and went to the ticket hall to change his ticket.


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