time:2010-02-12source:The Australian Times Author:Zhang Ye


Among the many painters, Zhai Mo can be called a painter.

In Zhai Mo’s paintings, we can see Picasso, Qi Baishi, and even Yangliuqing peasant paintings; we can also see oil paintings, Chinese paintings, watercolors, prints, and even See industrial design. But his unique style makes us have to admire: Zhai Mo is Zhai Mo, the one who tried to blend Chinese and Western cultures and thus became his own family.

Zhai Mo graduated from Zhejiang Academy of Fine Arts and is now renamed China Academy of Art. The college is located on the bank of West Lake where “light makeup is always suitable”, with a history of more than 60 years, it has cultivated countless well-known artists at home and abroad, such as Lin Fengmian, Pan Tianshou, Li Keran, Wu Guanzhong... it is really too much to mention. Fifteen years ago, Zhai Mo settled in Australia, with the perplexity and perplexity of "I know I'm finished" (Zhai Mo's words). Probably because of the cultivation of the environment, the influence of art, and the focus on art, Zhai Mo has developed a low-key and calm external character, but his heart is unrestrained and unrestrained, otherwise you can't explain what he shows in his paintings. Flying talents.

I like Zhai Mo's paintings, not because of how many awards he has won, but because of their uniqueness. Art is creation. Only painters with original works are painters, otherwise they can only be called painters. Those who can copy the master's work to the extent that they are fake, their works are called "fake", and they will never become masters themselves.

Zhai Mo is one of the greatest Chinese painters living abroad.

Mr. Shen Sheng, a caring entrepreneur and ice sculpture artist from Perth, generously supported Chinese artists living in Perth in his unique way. In his elegantly decorated Mozart cafe, photographer Zhou Dan and painter Zhou You have already Film and painting exhibitions have been held, and Zhai Mo's painting exhibition will be held at 7pm on July 1st, and visitors will be served with exquisite refreshments.

I will definitely visit the Zhai Mo painting exhibition not only to feast my eyes, but also to receive a real art education, and also to enjoy the delicious coffee and pastries prepared by Mr. Shen Sheng.

Look at Zhai Mo's paintings and get to know the real Zhai Mo.

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