Sydney CBD tragic death of international student: Four accused police officers refused to plead guilty – Australian News – Sydney

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        Sydney News Australia时间1月28日 于2012年3月18日在悉尼CBD一起留学生被警察追捕致死惨案,四名涉嫌暴力追捕巴西留学生Roberto Laudisio Curti致其死亡的四名警务人员已经遭到控告,但他们于今日在法庭上表示不认罪。

(The picture shows Curti on Pitt Street at the time)

        Australia时间2012年3月18日凌晨,21岁的Curti在Pitt街被11名实施了暴力追捕后死亡。案情透露,事发时,Curti因摄入药物,在迷幻剂作用的恍惚精神状态下,他裸着上身闯A family,并在只拿走了两包饼干后离开。After receiving the news, he rushed to the neighborhood. Unexpectedly, he found Curti wandering on Pitt Street.欲上前和他说话时,Curti又跑开了。一场搜捕由此展开,OfAlso joined the hunt.

(The picture shows Curti wandering Pitt Street before being shocked)

        于10月举行的聆讯会听到,警方在追捕过程中一共对Curti了14次泰瑟枪电击,其中9枪击中了他,7名对CurtiThree cans of spray and twoHandcuffed.

(The picture showsDamien Ralph出席法庭)

        After investigation by the Police Integrity Committee, the seniorEric Lim and Damien Ralph charged with ordinary assault, seniorScott Edmondson andDaniel Barling则被控袭击造成他人身体伤害罪名。但四名的辩护律师Bill Madden于今日(本周二)告诉Downing中心法院,我的当事人对他们被控的罪名不承认。据悉,此案将于3月25日Trial.


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