Sydney Today, March 3, Australian Eastern Time, designer Pat Jacobs spent 26 months turning a "triangular" dilapidated house into a beautiful apartment. Let's take a look at how she did it!

Designer Pat Jacobs never thought of moving away from her husband Victor, children Daniel, (25 years old), Sarah, (23 years old), Rebecca, (21 years old) and Tamar, (14 years old) to rebuild Rose Bay House, but fate still appears.

When walking every day, Jacobs passes by a two-story dilapidated house with a triangular base. She said: "I have never noticed it, let alone how unflattering its appearance is, how barren the garden is."

Then, in March last year, a "for sale" sign was hung there. Despite some curiosity, it was not until a few months later that the "for sale" sign still existed, and her curiosity prompted her to go in and take a look. She smiled and said: “After the first inspection, I couldn’t wait to find an agent. I sat in the house and imagined what it would look like under my design. Finally, I hung up our house. in the market."

At that time, we were also worried that when our house was successfully sold, the corner house had already been sold—but the fact is—we sold our house on Tuesday and bought it back on Wednesday. Although other buyers may see leaking, damp and dark interior design, what Jacobs saw was a challenge. She said: "At that time, I had a clear idea of ​​how to design and plan to make it more like a Home. I discussed with Stephanie Lee (architect) 30axis to revise my plan.

The coverage area of ​​our house is very small—enlarge the kitchen area and expand the balcony upstairs—most of the things downstairs are unusable. Jacobs said: “Due to the perennial disrepair of the house, the walls have been demolished, and the ceiling, floor, and even some The girders need to be replaced." The owner’s two previous renovations made the house lose its original characteristics. Jacobs said: "Many times we like a house because some of its own characteristics attract us. All we have to do is to rebuild it. , And then maximize its special brilliance."

Jacobs believes that tradition and modernity can achieve a perfect fusion, so some classic elements such as wide cornices, side sills and covered stair railings are incorporated into the design to match the existing balcony railings. She matched these with a streamlined kitchen and stylish bathroom. This style is also shown in the newly planted garden, through the new bi-folding door, from the north to the dining room, she designed a curved, solid sandstone retaining wall next to the fountain.

She gently stroked the large feather-like native grass and the fine coleus Ophiopogon japonicus with her hand, and then said: "These plants are popular now, and they blend beautifully with the plants that people liked before, such as gardenia and camellia. Back to the interior of the house, we looked at the changes in the layout of the house. Jacobs described how she used newspaper as a template on the floor to determine how to place the precious furniture she has collected over the years.

Entering from the front door, we see that the unused terrace makes the entrance appear wider, and the other part of the terrace is enclosed as a study room. A bathroom was built beside a large bedroom on the ground floor, and the empty space beside the narrow staircase was fully utilized to make the staircase appear wider.

The family kitchen extends to the previous dining room and the refurbished swimming pool. The refurbished dining room is equipped with a window sill, next to a formal living room, where antiques and vibrant furniture are harmoniously matched with artworks. Gives a comfortable intimacy.

The master bedroom upstairs has become a retreat for the parents, relying on the space borrowed from the balcony, here is converted into a bedroom and a bathroom. Jacobs said: "Expanding the opening of the window and adding skylights, the light level is much better than I thought. It is not easy to make this house look like my family likes, especially when we were very satisfied with us at the time. Accommodation. But they all liked it and refused to move again. They have ordered me to close my eyes when I take a walk next time."

A livable, simple and not luxurious family residence.

Duration: 6 months
Favorite features:
She: A flexible garden, because I can change its shape and space.
He: Our en suite bathroom is very well ventilated and has a glass wall that I like very much. It can protect your privacy, but it can also make you feel like you are in an open-air bathroom.

Environmental protection point:
Coverage area is small
The upper floor uses lightweight concrete bricks as the second layer to achieve the effect of isolation.
Double folding door achieves cross-room ventilation effect
There is an additional partition between the two floors and the ceiling
Use recycled waste and rice husk as waterproof material

Architect: Stephanie Lee, 30axis, [Email protected]
Builder: JN Construction
Designer: Pat Jacobs

Demolition and concrete $40,000
Masonry and rendering $ 65,000
Doors and windows $ 62,000
Carpentry and decoration $125,000
Carpentry $ 67,000
Carpet and wood floors $ 45,000
Gypsum board, thermal insulation $ 38,000
Electrical appliances and lights $ 52,000
Plumbing and drainage $ 34,000
Fencing and railing $ 32,000
Beautify $ 48,000
Brick and paving $60,000
Pool renovation $30,000
Painting 37,000 yuan
General construction work including steel $ 210,000
Professional service fee, including planning, verification, engineer $30,000
Total (including consumption tax) $ 975,000 (Wendy)