Private health insurance premiums soared by as much as 8%, Australians lament "I can't hold it anymore" – Australian News – Sydney

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       1688 News NSW岗(Wollongong)的母亲菲比·墨菲(Phoebe Murphy)6年前在私家医院里生下大女儿Charlotte,但15个月前,她生第二个孩子Archie的时候却选择了公立医院。

  Charlotte’s birth was a happy event, but with it,The delivery bill is as high as 3000 yuan, because the private medical insurance purchased by Murphy's family did not reimburse this cost.
  菲比的丈夫肖恩在新州South Coast的一家矿企上班。在第二个孩子出生前,他们每月向HCF额外缴纳50元作为产科保险。但随着家庭预算变得,他们决定取消这项保险。“随着保险成本持续上涨,你很容易就会作出放弃这项保险的决定。”



  Since 2002, private health insurance fees have soared at an average annual rate of 6.5%.Far exceeds inflation.The affordability of private health insurance has become a big problem.

  Macquarie analysts estimate that in the past 11 years, the proportion of private health insurance costs to household disposable income has risen from 4.6% to 6.1%.Although private health insurance chargesIt is still not on par with mortgage repayments or private school fees, but it shows no signs of slowing down.

  If private insurance becomes too expensive and unaffordable, it may lead to increased pressure on public hospitals.

     The former Labor Party government’s income and property assessments for the deceased’s medical insurance subsidies and other measures aimed at saving government costs have contributed to the increase in private medical insurance fees.

    野村(Nomura)分析师利(Toby Langley)说,4月1日起,私人医保的平均Is 6.2%. NIBIt reached 7.99%.

 Despite the average charge只有6.2%,但联盟党估计,在过去一年里,私人医保产业支付给,如私立医院、牙科、眼科The total amount of suppliers increased by 8%.

 Inventory of charges for major private health insurance funds


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