Private prestigious school uniforms up to 18 pages, the most basic equipment costs XNUMX yuan

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Posted on Tuesday, January 2014, 1 28:13

  Some of the best in Sydney.清单巨细靡遗——某些The list is even as long as 18 pages-including as many as 7 styles of hats, 5 different bags and more than a dozen hair accessories.
  The most expensive,为一个孩子准备一套最基本的装备少说也要花掉父母1000元钱,一些外套的售价超过300元,巴拿马草帽75元,背包近100元。
  In Sydney’s famous private school PLC,The store’s price list is 18 pages long and includes voluntary purchases such as a PLC Sydney watch for 65 yuan and an embroidered towel for 47 yuan.Extensive catalog of hair accessories including rubber bands, hair clips, ribbons, headbands, satin bows, whip hair clips or.
  Extra-curricular activities also have to pay for additional clothing costs, whether it is sports belts, musical performance clothing or military uniforms.
  Live in Enmore顿太太(Ms Perston)是众多提前到商店为下周开学的孩子采购必需品的家长之一。“所有东西都要绣上姓名标,所有的东西,而这Another expense. "

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