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On the 26th "World AIDS Day", Peng Liyuan communicated with university student volunteers at the event. (Data map)

Charity is by no means the cause of the wealthy, nor is it just a cause promoted by the government or charitable organizations. It is a common cause of the whole society. Every citizen has the responsibility and obligation to give love. It is this love that makes us feel warm in winter and hope in desperation.

Charity is changing our world day by day. In just two decades, it has made great progress. For example, organizations specializing in charity have grown to more than 50, and the amount of funds raised has increased from the initial tens of millions. Yuan has grown to more than 800 billion yuan.

In recent years, in some commercial occasions, as the most famous singer in China, Peng Liyuan has rarely appeared. Instead, people are increasingly seeing her appearing in public welfare occasions. The wonderful combination of singer, first lady, and charity has produced a magical chemical reaction. Through charity, people in need get necessary help. The public has also seen the kindness, enthusiasm and passion of this first lady. Deepen the understanding of public welfare undertakings.

"Mama Peng" of AIDS children

On December 2011, 12, a public service advertisement about anti-AIDS discrimination quickly spread. The advertisement is only 1 seconds long. In the screen, several HIV-infected children are shyly facing the camera, wanting to speak, but are afraid to speak. After that, Peng Liyuan appears with a smile and leads the children to say "we". The final advertising slogan is: No discrimination, we are together.

Peng Liyuan appealed on multiple occasions that for these children, "the most hurtful ones are often discriminatory and indifferent eyes." She visited the AIDS village, embraced those children, and became the children’s "Peng Mama", using practical actions to eliminate children’s problems. The barriers of the real world.

The following year, the 30-second public service advertisement turned into a nearly 6-minute promotional video.

In the film, Peng Liyuan introduces children with AIDS that she has encountered in the past few years. She plays piano, sings, paints, and plays football with children affected by AIDS. She also squats down to tie shoelaces for a boy. The scene is full of warmth. And maternal love.

Gao Jun, an Anhui boy, is an AIDS orphan and one of the protagonists in the short film. Peng Liyuan recalled seeing this child for the first time. In 2006, she went to Gao Jun’s hometown in Fuyang. “He was thin and small at the time, and he didn’t communicate with anyone and didn’t dare to look at each other. He seemed timid.”

"I will see him again this year. He is taller and has better skin. What really changes his heart is his mental health and beauty." Peng Liyuan told the children's changes in a bright voice unique to Shandong.

When Xiao Gaojun was asked who he likes to be with most, he blinked his eyes innocently and said with a smile: Mama Peng.

At the end of the short film, when asked "How long do you want to do the work of Red Ribbon", Peng Liyuan said: "I want to keep doing it as long as it is necessary."

Singer on the charity stage

Since 2007, Peng Liyuan has stopped participating in commercial performances, and people have seen this elegant, dignified and always smiling Chinese woman in more and more public welfare occasions.

In 2007, at the Fifth Session of the Tenth National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, Peng Liyuan and Feng Gong and other dozens of other committee members submitted the "Proposal for Establishing a New Career for Youth Online Psychological Tutors."

Regarding her long-term concern for children affected by AIDS, Peng Liyuan is not just visiting and making promotional videos. At the CPPCC meeting in 2008, Peng Liyuan put forward detailed measures, such as: "The state should establish a system for registration, reporting and routine follow-up of minor children of HIV-infected persons and patients, and timely understand the psychological needs of these children and provide assistance." . "Through family and community adoption, family foster care, small family parenting, institutional support, etc., targeted psychological counseling is provided to solve the psychological loneliness and low self-esteem of children orphaned by AIDS."

The super-high popularity, passionate personality, and elegant temperament make this woman who is world-famous for singing have a better chance to play in public welfare.

The Washington Post once published a review article saying that people who have been in contact with Peng Liyuan commented on her as grace, enthusiasm, enthusiasm for public welfare, and full of love.

It is precisely because of these characteristics that Peng Liyuan has been invited to serve as a charity ambassador one after another, exerting her charm and influence in different charity fields.

In June 2011, she was appointed by the World Health Organization as the organization’s “Goodwill Ambassador for Tuberculosis and AIDS Prevention”, focusing more on public welfare activities. This is also the first wife of a party and state leader to become a spokesperson for international public welfare activities since the founding of New China. .

In 2012, Peng Liyuan also acted as a tobacco control ambassador for the "If I am Smoking, I Don't Do" campaign initiated by the "Gates Foundation" founded by Gates.

Be the "first lady" of charity

Since March 2013, Peng Liyuan, as the "First Lady" of China, has started a charm offensive on the international stage, and "Liyuan style" has attracted worldwide attention.

Whenever she visits a country, Peng Liyuan visits local children, disabled people, and self-reliant women. Pay attention to the living conditions of the most disadvantaged people in the local area, encourage them, and bring them greetings from China.

The "first lady" is often part of the image of a country, and is even called the "soft power of flexible diplomacy." In modern politics, especially on the international stage, many "first ladies" have shown their own culture and displayed their own female image with their own style and charm, and have become important bonds and bridges of friendship and goodwill between countries. Participating in local charity activities has become one of the most direct and people-friendly measures.

Therefore, the "first lady" who has become famous as a singer has gained a round of applause at home and abroad through several years of hard work in the field of public welfare.

While discussing her dress and her temperament, the common people in China also talked about the red ribbon and the children who were tortured by the disease, praising her for her kindness and kindness.

Western media's expressions are more direct. In the articles introducing Peng Liyuan, the most quoted is a sentence from a friend of Peng Liyuan, "She is passionate by nature and will definitely win everyone's hearts."

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