The Empire State Building in New York lights up to celebrate Australia Day

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Posted on January 2014, 1 Tuesday 10:20

(The Empire State Building in New York lights up for Qing ONational Day)

        On January 1th, the international superstar breaks.曼为庆祝澳On National Day, use your influence to turn the Empire State Building into golden green.

        曼是在被帝国大厦邀请主持一项活动时突发奇想要以点亮这座标志性建筑来庆祝澳National Day.


        Although Mann has regarded New York as his second home, he often works in the United States and Australia.Between living and going.

        He told reporters that he enjoyed the benefits of these two countries.

        "It means IWhile working in the U.S., but also时间在澳. "

        "I miss Australia very much,但是纽约是一座伟大的城市,这是很适合孩子们成长的. "


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