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Posted on Tuesday, January 2014, 1 28:10

(The Empire State Building in New York lights up to celebrate Australia Day)

On January 1th, international superstar Hugh Jackman used his influence to turn the Empire State Building into a golden green to celebrate Australia Day.

When Jackman was invited by the Empire State Building to host a celebration, he suddenly wanted to light up this iconic building to celebrate Australia's National Day.

Jackman said in an interview that he declined the invitation, but said "I have a crazy idea."

Although Jackman has regarded New York as his second home, he often lives between the United States and Australia.

He told reporters that he enjoyed the benefits of these two countries.

"This means that while I can work in the United States, I can also spend a lot of time in Australia."

"I miss Australia very much, but New York is a great city. It is a very suitable place for children to grow up."

(Reproduced from Sydney Today)