Victoria's high temperature heat wave is so "violent"! 40 degrees hot weather expected to last 6 days

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Posted on Tuesday, January 2014, 1 28:10
: Intern01

 [Guide] Australia1月27日 据相关消息称,维多利亚州的第二波高温热浪已经来袭,部分地区将连续六天达到40度高温,而墨尔本的天气则将保持在30多度的水平。

        Australia1月27日 据相关消息称,维多利亚州的第二波高温热浪已经来袭,部分地区将连续六天达到40度高温,而墨尔本的天气则将保持在30多度的水平。

        Meteorologist James Taylor predicts that there will be another high temperature heat wave in northern Victoria, and Mildura will maintain a high temperature of more than 40 degrees for seven consecutive days.On the other hand, southern Victoria经历一个延长时期的热浪,但比北部要稍微凉爽一些。预计墨尔本本周二的温度为39度,周三的温度为24度,周五和周六的温度33 degrees and 38 degrees.

        Mr. Robert Clark, Attorney General, said that everyone is注意关心老年人和弱势群体。“高温天气对那些身体较弱的人来说始终个艰难的挑战。”Clark先生.

Source: Sydney Today


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