US expert: Australia's garment industry lacks innovative spirit

Updated on 22 January 2014, 14:22 AEST
Compilation: Yan Li, editor: Fang Teng

An expert in the United States said that Australian apparel companies stick to the tradition in terms of fashion size, causing confusion in the size of clothing numbers in the retail market and making consumers confused.

US expert: Australia's garment industry lacks innovation (Credit: ABC)

Ed Gribbin, a fashion size expert from the United States, said that the Australian clothing industry still follows the British clothing size system 50 years ago, but the British clothing industry has progressed with the times, while Australia has stopped. The lack of progress and observance of the old fashioned leads to confusion in the size of clothing on the market and unable to provide quality services to consumers.

To prove his point, Ed went to a store in Melbourne and bought several T-shirts of the same brand and size 10, but measurements showed that these clothes were of the same size but were of different sizes. Some were size 12. , Some are bigger, close to 14 yards.

Ed points out that this is because people's figures and proportions are very different from those of 50 years ago, so the garment industry must keep pace with the times and improve the fit of the clothes they make. He said that unlike the United States and Europe, Australia lacks such innovative companies. He said that in fact, if companies can use new technologies and pay more attention to the needs of current consumers, they can better serve consumers and maintain their competitiveness.