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The incident occurred at Xinjiekou subway station. Profile picture

Mr. He Lao (pseudonym), 70 years old in Nanjing, took his child and planned to take the train from Xinjiekou subway station. The child belongs to the free ticket range. After he swiped the card, the child passed the gate and immediately followed, but the moment he entered the station, the gate closed. The old man claimed that his abdomen was hit by the gate of the turnstile, causing closed abdominal injuries, acute diffuse peritonitis, and ileal perforation. He believes that the subway company failed to properly guide the passengers into the station and demanded medical expenses from the Nanjing subway company, but the lawsuit was unsuccessful and went to court. However, the subway said that it has done its duty to remind, and the gates of the turnstiles will not pinch people, so they should not be held responsible. Not long ago, the court ruled that the subway had not fulfilled its safety guarantee obligations and should bear 8% of the responsibility and compensate the elderly with more than XNUMX yuan.

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Old man injured intestinal perforation when taking a child into the subway

One afternoon at the end of June 2012, Mr. He took his child and took the subway from Nanjing Xinjiekou subway station. Because the child was not required to buy a ticket and was a free child, the old man let the child be in front of him, planning to swipe the card to pass. A surveillance video that was later transferred restored the situation at that time. After the old man swiped his card at the entrance gate, the child ran through the gate first, and the old man followed the child to pass the gate. But at this moment, the gate of the gate closed and the old man's body was touched. He was immediately blocked and retreated, unable to pass the gate. The video is a bit blurry, and it is not certain whether the door caught the old man or the old man hit the door, but it can be seen that the old man's abdomen is in contact with the gate of the gate.

The old man said that it was because the gate suddenly closed and pinched his abdomen. After being injured, he hurried to the Nanjing Military Region General Hospital for treatment. The result of the hospital diagnosis was that Mr. He suffered from closed abdominal injury, acute diffuse peritonitis, ileal perforation and other diseases, and then he also received treatments such as double ileum stoma. A total of 53 days of hospitalization, the medical expenses alone cost 3.6 yuan. In May last year, the Nanjing Jinling Judicial Appraisal Institute issued a judicial appraisal opinion, which showed that Mr. He’s small intestine resection was less than one-half, which constituted a grade 5 disability. The old man believes that it is because the subway company did not give instructions on how the adult should pass with the child, which caused him to be caught by the turnstile and he should bear the responsibility.