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When I heard his beautiful, copper bell-like singing, I couldn't help but become curious about this young, talented guy. How did he set foot on the path of the art palace?

Zhang Jun, graduated from the Music Department of Henan University in 2002 and was accepted by the Chinese Opera and Dance Theater; in August 2005, he was invited to Australia and cooperated with the Australian Opera Training Center to perform the French opera "The Story of Hoffman", as the leading actor, won The unanimous appreciation of experts. Then he successfully held a solo concert. The Sydney Opera-Opera newspaper evaluated him as "the most promising young singer". In February 8, he received a scholarship from the Australian Opera Training Center and returned to Australia again for a two-year study. During this period, as the actor, he performed successively in American musical "Trouble in Tahiti", French opera "Mannon", German opera "Magic Flute" and "Family Gardener"; and held two solo concerts . The Sydney Opera-Opera newspaper gave a very high evaluation and report on each of his performances. Zhang Jun has also participated in various theatrical performances of the Chinese in Western Australia many times, and his outstanding performance has won unanimous praise and favor from the audience. What's more worth mentioning is that he has now been admitted by ECU University as a master's degree in opera performance in 2006. I believe this will be another new starting point for him on the road to the palace of art.

What I am most interested in is that Zhang Jun will be invited to France to participate in the "Marseille International Vocal Competition" in September this year. As a preparation and presentation performance before the competition, he will hold his solo concert again at the Music Auditorium of West Australian Academy of Performing Arts at 9pm on July 7 this year.

This concert will consist of two halves with very different styles. In the first half, the audience will be presented with popular classical opera arias. The famous Western Australian young soprano singer Katja Webb will have a wonderful performance as a special guest. The famous Western Australian pianist Tomasso Polio will be the piano accompaniment. I believe It will definitely bring you a refreshing enjoyment. In the second half of the concert, Zhang Jun will use classic Chinese folk songs to lead you into the barracks, cross the grassland, appreciate the customs of Jiuzhai, and feel the charm of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. . . . . . , At that time, famous Chinese singers Ms. Tian Li and Mr. Zhou Yongjun will perform for you as special guests, and taste the charm of folk songs with you.

This concert was fortunately sponsored by Mr. Shen Sheng, owner of Mozart Coffee Shop. During the intermission, Mozart Coffee Shop will provide you with free exquisite desserts and coffee. What is even more commendable is that Mr. Shi Meifeng, a Chinese first-class painter, also gave strong support to this concert. As a financial aid to Zhang Jun's trip to France, his elderly man will auction a proud work. For friends who love to collect, this will be an excellent opportunity not to be missed!

"Love life and sing for life, and say goodbye to the bright moon just to welcome the sunrise. Don't be sad, and sing when hesitates!" This is Zhang Jun's life creed. He is positive and optimistic and smiles at life, so his singing is soaked with sincere emotions and full of moving smiles. Listening to music, approaching Zhang Jun, appreciate his musical life. I believe that Zhang Jun and his friends will give you a unique art feast that combines Chinese and Western styles. I also hope to get strong support and funding from all viewers. To the world for Zhang Jun, to the palace of art, to win glory and sail for us Chinese!

Let us enthusiastically look forward to the arrival of Zhang Jun's solo concert and wish a complete success!

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