Focus on the suburbs: Bellevue Hill-a paradise for the rich

Release your eyes, put on headphones, and listen~!

       Sydney Today, Eastern Australia4月20日 Bellevue Hill虽然没有悉尼东部郊区有名的水滨房产,但是并没有阻止澳洲最富的一些人群在那里居住。


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       Pontons Valuers的东郊估价师Paul Donovan说,今年对待售房屋的询盘更多了。知道这是因为市场需求上升了还是因为供给下降了,因为们在促销失败后Again放在市场上销售了。


       Advantages and disadvantages:

       Advantages: large apartment; good street greening; very close to the city center.

       Things to note:较旧;高端房产疲软和不确定性。(Ivy)


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