Posted on Tuesday, January 2013, 12 10:09
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[Guide] When will the dancers, princesses, and socialites be discussed in the same language? That's right! When hitting the shirts, the three of them were obviously not wearing the same clothes to compete. Today’s PK is because Dita Ventis, Princess Kate and Paris Hilton all chose black skirts on the same day. LOOK, how will three ladies with completely different styles interpret the "black and rich" temperament?

Dita Wantis
The elegant black dress is the safest and the easiest to dim in the prom ceremony, so I want to make the black dress bloom, the clever dancer chose to open a beautiful window behind, and the wonderful back robbed all the actresses. If you also want to be low-key and pleasantly surprised, please choose a dress with "surprise" when attending the dinner event.

Princess Kate
Kate, the noble princess, naturally can’t be as charming and sexy as Vantis, so Kate chose to make a fuss from the fabric. The black tulle under the flesh-colored lining seems to show through the skin, and you can’t see it. The curve of the body is not indecent, it is indeed a famous move. And the red handbag brightens the overall tone.

Paris Hilton
It is not easy for Miss Social Paris to choose a low-key black. Different from the two above, Paris’s match is more street style, suitable for everyday wear. The black tube top skirt is a suitable single product for both day and night. A motorcycle jacket is warm and cool. Of course, even if you have attractive legs to support your waist, you can't ignore the choice of shoes. Compared with Miss Hilton's pure black high heels, we recommend high heels with fine grain rivets, which echo the motorcycle jacket. , Increased the overall details.

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