British study says night work can cause long-term physical damage

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Posted on Thursday, January 2014, 1 23:14


  BritishSallyResearch centerIt is revealed that shift work disrupts the deepest molecular hierarchy of the human body.

  Experts say that the scale, speed and severity of physical damage caused by staying awake at night is surprising.

  The human body follows a natural rhythm, the so-called biological clock, and goes to sleep at night, Stay awake during the day.

  The biological clock has a profound impact on the human body and is about regulation, Body temperature, exercise capacity, mood andOperation etc.

  The study followed 22 subjects and observedFrom normalThe pattern changed to the physical condition of night shift workers.

  Blood tests show that the human body usually has 6% genes, which are precisely set to be more active or less active at specific times of the day.

  Once subjects switch to night work, that kind of gene precision regulation will be lost.

  The researcher said: "This is time chaos. It's like living in a house where every room has a clock. Now, the time in every room is chaotic. Of course, the whole house will fall into chaos."

  Studies have shown that shift workers sleep too little at the wrong time, which may increase the risk of type XNUMX diabetes and obesity.

  This research is publishedJournalProceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Source: Mediumnews site

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