British study says night work can cause long-term physical damage

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Posted on January 2014, 1 Thursday 14:58


  莎丽睡眠Scientists at the center revealed that shift work disrupts the deepest molecular hierarchy of the human body.

  Experts say that staying awake at night can damage the body,And the severity is surprising.

  The human body follows a natural rhythm, the so-called biological clock, which goes to sleep at night and stays awake during the day.

  The biological clock has a profound impact on the human body, it is about regulating hormones, body temperature,Motivation, emotion and brainTo wait.

  thisFollow up 22 subjects and observe their physical conditions in their transition from a normal lifestyle to a night shift worker.

  Blood tests show that the human body usually has 6% genes, which are precisely set to be more active or less active at specific times of the day.

  一旦受试者转为夜班工作,那种基因精密Will be lost.


  显示,轮班工作者在错的时间睡得太少,恐会增加罹患第二型糖尿病和risks of.

  this刊登在美国学术期刊《国家科学院学报》(Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences)。

:China News Network

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