Cai Ming exposed the behind-the-scenes highlights of the Spring Festival Gala: it is so cruel

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Posted on January 2014, 1 Tuesday 10:35
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 [Guide] In the program list of the CCTV Spring Festival Gala of the Year of the Horse [Weibo] posted online, the "Sketch Queen" Cai Ming [Weibo]'s skit "Interfering with the People" is said to be the best one of "Xiao Guo".While preparing for the Spring Festival Gala intensively, "The Outstanding Chinese" with her as a judge is being recorded intensively.From July 2st until July 9th(年初十)央视一套晚8点档播出。两边来回跑,蔡明免不了把春晚的带到节目录制现场。录制过程中,她断爆料,说出了许多春晚不为人知的幕后花絮,也让一众明星相继“躺枪”。

  "Don't think that happiness is only when you go to the Spring Festival Gala"

  Since his first appearance on the Spring Festival Gala in 1991, Cai Ming has been resident in the Spring Festival Gala for more than XNUMX years.For so many years, Cai Ming's feelings for the Spring Festival Gala have been love and hate.At the recording site of "A Colored Chinese", facing the same dreams of the Spring Festival Gala, Cai Ming said nothing else, and he worked hard to persuade the players to "don't admit the truth": "Don't think that only the Spring Festival Gala can be happy. "

  “上春晚哪是板上钉钉的事!”《出彩中国人》一位选手说自己去年通过了《直通春晚》选拔,却没能进入春晚彩排非常不甘时,蔡明如此感叹,“你其实很幸运,没有通过各种彩排,没有被临时拿下。春晚进入倒数后,(腊月)二十六、二十八这么彩排,真的有前一场被拿下的,甚至还有大年三十当天被取消的。”蔡明回忆起许多年前的一次春晚,节目已经开始直播,有一组湖南的大学生却因为节目时长的关系临时被春晚导演组当场拿掉:“孩子们哭得都不行了,难过极了,几个月的辛苦都白费了。而且他们还告诉了亲戚,大年三十晚上都守着看呢。就连潘[微博]的节目有一年也是临到腊月二十七Only killed at night, the Spring Festival Gala is so cruel. "

  "Yang Liping [Weibo] has a knack for hand dance, Fei Xiang fans are too crazy"

  In "The Outstanding Chinese", various types of contestants often evoke Cai Ming's memories of the Spring Festival Gala.A teenager sang "The Cloud of Hometown" on stage, reminding Cai Ming of the CCTV Spring Festival Gala in 1987. "At that time, Fei Xiang flew back to the United States after the performance, but his grandmother lived in Beijing, and his fans could not see him. ,on他姥姥家帮他姥姥干活,实在是太喜欢他了!”还有一位选手特别喜欢杨丽萍的舞蹈,蔡明眼睛一亮,说自己演出时曾和杨丽萍同住,知道杨丽萍练功的秘诀,“我偷偷告诉你,我看她每天都用泡手,然后把手拿出来,开始掰。”在点评一位反串选手时,蔡明又把李玉刚[微博]搬出来当例子:“别看平时李玉刚在台上千娇百媚的,其实台下他就是个东北老爷们,见着我就喊‘姐,出去干啥呢?’角色和生活分得很开。”

Source: Beijing Youth Daily

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