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[Guide] In the CCTV Spring Festival Gala of the Year of the Horse [Weibo] broadcasted online, "Sketch Queen" Cai Ming [Weibo]'s skit "Interfering with You" is said to be the best one of "Xiao Guo". During the preparations for the Spring Festival Gala, "The Outstanding Chinese", which she serves as the judge, is being recorded intensively. The program will be broadcast on CCTV at 2 pm on February 9th (the tenth day of the new year). Running back and forth, Cai Ming inevitably brought the mood of the Spring Festival Gala to the recording scene. During the recording, she kept breaking the news, telling many hidden behind-the-scenes highlights of the Spring Festival Gala, and also let a group of celebrities and friends "lay guns" one after another.

"Don't think that happiness is only in the Spring Festival Gala"

Since his first appearance on the Spring Festival Gala in 1991, Cai Ming has been in the Spring Festival Gala for more than XNUMX years. For so many years, Cai Ming's love and hatred for the Spring Festival Gala. At the recording site of "A Colored Chinese", facing the contestants who also dream of going to the Spring Festival Gala, Cai Ming did not say anything else, and he worked hard to persuade the contestants to "don't admit the truth": "Don't think that only the Spring Festival Gala can be happy. "

"It's a certain thing to go to the Spring Festival Gala!" A contestant of "Outstanding Chinese" said that he passed the "Through Spring Festival Gala" selection last year, but he was very unwilling to enter the Spring Festival Gala rehearsal. Cai Ming lamented, "You are actually very lucky. Through various rehearsals, they were not temporarily taken down. After the countdown to the Spring Festival Gala, (the twelfth lunar month) twenty-sixth and twenty-eighth rehearsals were really taken down from the previous one, and even cancelled on New Year’s Eve. "Cai Ming recalled a Spring Festival Gala many years ago. The show had already started live broadcast. A group of college students from Hunan was temporarily taken off by the Spring Festival Gala directors due to the length of the show: "The children can't cry anymore, I'm very sad. The months of hard work were wasted. Moreover, they told their relatives and friends that they were watching the Lunar New Year’s Eve. Even Pan Changjiang [Weibo]’s program was only killed on the evening of the XNUMXth of the twelfth lunar month. The Spring Festival Gala is so cruel."

"Yang Liping [Weibo] has a knack for hand dance, Fei Xiang fans are too crazy"

In "Better Chinese", various types of players often evoke Cai Ming's memories of the Spring Festival Gala. A teenager sang "The Cloud of Hometown" on stage, reminding Cai Ming of the CCTV Spring Festival Gala in 1987. "At that time, Fei Xiang flew back to the United States after the performance, but his grandma lived in Beijing, and his fans could not see him. , I went to his grandma’s house to help his grandma. I really like him!” Another contestant especially liked Yang Liping’s dance. Cai Ming’s eyes brightened and said that he had lived with Yang Liping during the performance and knew that Yang Liping was practicing. The secret is, "I secretly tell you, I think she soaks her hands in hot water every day, then takes her hands out, and starts breaking." When commenting on a cross-competitor, Cai Ming moved Li Yugang [Weibo] as an example: " Don't look at Li Yugang who is usually charming and charming on stage. In fact, he is a northeast man offstage. When he sees me, he shouts, "Sister, what are you going out for?" The role and life are very separate."

Source: Beijing Youth Daily