Bats frequently "break into" residential houses. Sydneysiders should be careful to get rabies virus! – Australia News – Sydney

Release your eyes, put on headphones, and listen~!

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        悉尼讯 澳洲东部时间1月28日 近期,蝙蝠频频出现在悉尼西南区民宅的后院,提醒居民要小心这种动物可能带来的致命.


          This virus is similar to rabies virus,在被蝙蝠咬伤和抓伤的时候被传染,这种病毒很厉害,如果不及时治疗的话可能会导致。“澳洲蝙蝠狂犬病在澳洲很少见,一般只会通过咬伤和抓伤才会被传染。人们应该假定所有的蝙蝠和Flying foxAll are contagious, regardless of whether these animals appear to be sick or not. "Said Dr. Leena Gupta, director of the Department of Public Health.

(All kinds of flying foxes and bats may carry this virus)

          Gupta博士还称,那些被蝙蝠或狐蝠咬伤或抓伤的人应当尽快用肥皂和水清理伤口,至少五分钟。然后,使用抗菌溶液涂抹,并前往For help.

         If you encounter an injured or sick bat, please avoid all contact and call directlyreliefThe telephone number of WIRES: 1300094737.


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