2014-01-27 12:20:07 Source: Sydney Original Website Nikiedit

Sydney News, January 1, Australian Eastern Time, riding a camel across the beach has become a "new fashion" for NSW people to celebrate National Day, and camels have also become their "new favorite". Throughout the morning of January 27, six giant mammals, camels, on the beach of Dee Why in NSW, were carrying children and adults in a joyous parade.

(The picture shows 7-year-old Maisy and 10-year-old Oscar riding camels)

It is understood that after strong demand growth last year, the contractors of the Warringah Council have doubled the number of camels at this year's activities. The children are deeply attracted by this "novel" creature from the desert, and the Dee Why beach is full of joy. "This is a great day. The children can get close to camels. They have never rode a camel before." Parent Ms. Elliott said.

(The picture shows the children are riding a camel happily)

It is said that this activity is more popular than surfing (due to some dangerous conditions, many beaches have closed surfing activities), and there are constant "friends visits" from camels from 7 am to noon. "The demand is very large, and there are more and more people after 8 o'clock. I am even thinking about continuing to increase the number of camels next year." said the person in charge Philip Ruming.