time:2006-04-02source:The Australian Times Author:Zhang Ye


[News from this newspaper] He Yang, a young talent who is just 29 years old, who is studying for a master's degree in marketing at the University of Western Australia, was only XNUMX years old. Unfortunately, he was seriously ill and passed away not long ago. His death was not only a heavy mental blow to the parents who came to Perth from China, but also a heavy financial burden. If it weren't for the Chinese people in Perth to generously lend a helping hand and spend all of their treatment for their son He Yang's parents, who had saved up, would really be helpless in the face of huge funeral expenses.

At noon on March 3, in order to repay the selfless help of the Perth Chinese, He Yang's parents held a barbecue dinner at Matilda Bay near the University of Western Australia. Dozens of students, scholars and Perth Chinese attended.

Li Caixia, who has served as the chairman of the University of Western Australia Student Union for two sessions and the initiator of He Yang’s donation, told our reporter that she told the Chinese students and scholars she knew about He Yang’s parents’ plight via email. The response was enthusiastic and within a short period of time Received donations of 3778 Australian dollars and 2000 yuan. She said that in addition to students and scholars, organizations such as the Shandong Association of Hometowns, the Chinese Association, and the Chinese Church have also extended a helping hand.

He Yang's parents said that they lived here for two lives, but the Chinese and overseas Chinese made them feel warm. Without the enthusiastic support of the Chinese and overseas Chinese, they would have collapsed mentally and financially, and they would never forget to live in Western Australia for the rest of their lives. Days.

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