time:2005-11-05source:The Australian Times Author:Liu Jianxin


A year of good times must be remembered, when it is most orange and green. On the occasion of the national celebration of the 10th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China, the University of Western Australia Chinese Students and Scholars Association held a National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival Gala on the evening of October 8. The hall with a capacity of 200 people was packed. The gala was grand. Starting from the sound of the national anthem, the chorus organized by Chinese students and scholars from the University of Western Australia performed small choruses "Defend the Yellow River" and "Sing the Motherland", expressing the students' blessings to the motherland's birthday, and won rounds of applause from the audience. The children from the Doctoral Chinese School of the University of Western Australia also gave a wonderful performance for everyone. Ms. Zhong Huimin, Ms. Zhao Jian, Ms. Cheng Linlin, Ms. Zong Min and the cm band composed of students from Curtin and ECU University brought wonderful performances to everyone. The song "I Miss the Grassland" by the Western Australian singer Zhou Yongjun brought the party to a climax. The party ended with the singing of "Tomorrow Will Be Better".

This evening party is the first large-scale evening party held by members of the new association of Chinese Students and Scholars Association of University of Western Australia. Its success will motivate us to continue our efforts and make greater contributions to students and scholars in Western Australia. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Western Australia Kelan Health Products Company and other colleagues for their great support to this evening party.
(Contribution: Liu Jianxin, Chairman of the Chinese Students and Scholars Association of the University of Western Australia)

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