Western Australia's economic performance ranks first in the country again | Australia

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Published 20 January 2014, 16:09 AEST


Perth skyline表现再列Top (Credit: ABC) 

According to the report, the only weakness in Western Australia is the construction of new homes. Compared with its states, it第四。从增长看,昆士And the northern regions are also among the best.

学家赛文斯·塞巴斯蒂安(Savanth Sebastian)说,总体来说,西澳的和其它资源州是推动增长的动力。他说,现在可以看到矿业投资热正在向以生产为主的热潮转化。收入开始回流到这些资源州,同时从消费者和住户的角度来讲低利润环境对他们都有利。

Be表现最差的州。联邦银行证券公司(CommSec)说,Except for one indicator, all other indicators are于其它州和地区的.



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