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With the elimination of Serena, the women's singles pattern of this Australian Open has become more open, and Li Na is likely to be the most direct beneficiary, because she has become the most popular candidate for the first semi-finals. Judging from the recent state and confrontation record, the biggest obstacle to Li Na's road to the crown is the defending champion Azarenka.

Li Na maintained a very good form in this Australian Open, losing only one set in the first four rounds. After an easy victory in the first two rounds, she experienced a short adjustment period in the third round. She struggled with the Czech player Safanova. Once she was given a match point opportunity by her opponent, but she was passing through it. After the second crisis, Li Na quickly recovered her best form and swept the impressive Russian pink Makarova in the fourth round. In general, Li Na has maintained a very stable state after entering the new season. She has all the qualities needed to win the Grand Slam again.

In contrast, other popular figures on the women’s singles field have frequent problems. In the 2/4 zone where Li Na is located, Kvitova, the biggest competitor, lost to a Thai player in the first round. . And Serena, recognized as the biggest favorite to win the championship, lost to Serbian beauty Ivanovic in the fourth round. Just one day later, Sharapova, another former champion, also lost to Slovakian Cibulko. Baby, it can be said that Li Na has lost a lot of rivals on the road to the championship, and the difficulty of the championship is also much smaller.

  Li Na's quarter-final battle against Peneta has a record of 1 wins and 4 losses

Li Na will face Italian star Penetta in the quarter-finals. The latter is the first female player in Italian history to rank among the TOP1. With very comprehensive skills, she is a very famous "mill girl" in the WTA arena. However, Penetta’s age is one year older than Li Na. He has passed the peak of his career. In recent seasons, he has been lack of outstanding performance. It only broke out once at the U.S. Open last year, and reached four in one go. Strong, this time the Australian Open eliminated the powerful players like Basel and Kobel.

Li Na has scored 2 wins and 2 losses in the past clash with Peneta, but the last clash was in the distant 2010 season. In other words, since Li Na completed the transformation of the 2011 season, the two sides have not had a record of confrontation. As far as the current absolute strength is concerned, Li Na will undoubtedly have a certain advantage. The winning odds given by the gaming company also support Li Na to move forward— -Peneta ranks the last in the quarter-finals in odds to win the championship, while Li Na ranks second. As long as Li Na can steadily exert her strength and is not troubled by mistakes, it will have a lot to advance to the quarter-finals. A big deal.

  Li Naruo enters the semifinals and is expected to fight Ivan to maintain a record of victory

In the semi-finals, Li Na will face the winner between Ivanovic and Canadian star Bouchard. Bouchard was the winner of the WTA Rookie Award last season, but judging from the current momentum, it should be difficult for her to pass Ivanovic. Ivanovic and Li Na were both French Open champions, and the Serbian beauty has also been on the top of the world. After the sinking of the past few seasons, she has the momentum of recovery this season and enters the new season. Since he has remained undefeated, he defeated Dawei in the Oakland game to win the championship. The most famous battle of this Australian Open was the elimination of the recognized champion Serena Williams in the fourth round.

Ivanovic has a powerful forehand. Before Li Na reached her peak, she was hailed as the number one forehand in the WTA, but now this honor may need to be divided equally by 2-3 players (including Li Na), besides, her backhand is also very stable, when she is full of firepower, she is a very terrifying opponent. But Li Na did not discourage the Serbian beauty, because the technical characteristics of the two are relatively similar. Compared with those "strange golfers" who like to use cutting technology, Li Na prefers to fight against such hard-headed players, and she is playing with Ivan Norwich’s record of clashes also maintains an impressive record of winning two games. Objectively speaking, if Li Na and Ivanovic both play their best level, Jinhua's odds of winning should be more than XNUMX%.

  If she enters the final, Li Na is expected to lose her PK Azana with 5 wins and 6 losses

For Li Na, the biggest threat to the championship is still the defending champion Azarenka, who just swept last year’s big dark horse Stevens in the fourth round today to reach the quarterfinals, in the first four games Keep it up. After entering the new season, Azarenka won the runner-up in the Brisbane game. At that time, his opponent was Serena Serena, and when Serena was out of the game, the Belarusian star has become the number one favorite in the eyes of the bookmaker. Her winning odds are nearly double that of Li Na. In the lower half where she is located, although there are still high seeds such as A-radwanska and Jankovic survived, it is difficult for her opponents to stop her from reaching the finals again.

Li Na did not have the upper hand in the past record of clashes with Azarenka. The two sides have played 11 times so far. Jinhua has lost 5 wins and 6 losses. From 2011 to 2013, Li Na faced Azarenka. Once suffered a five-game losing streak, it was not until last year's year-end finals group stage that the losing streak ended.

From the point of view of technical characteristics, Azarenka has gradually grown from the “offensive is stronger than defense” in the early stage of her career to a very comprehensive player. Defensive players such as Zniacki and Jankovic are incomparable, which allows her to fully demonstrate her potential to dominate women's tennis. Azarenka has won the Australian Open for two consecutive years. Last season, he was the only player who could beat Serena twice. Li Na faced such an opponent with no obvious shortcomings, and had to adopt richer skills and tactics. Combinations can hope to defeat the opponent's offensive and defensive system and create a chance for oneself to win.

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