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[Guide] Who was on the Spring Festival Gala? I don't know, I only know that there is a rock singer Cui Jian who announced that it will not be the Spring Festival Gala.

I know that there was an official Weibo on the Spring Festival Gala, an official news of dozens of words, which wrote the appearance as dedication and the Xinjiang Autonomous Region as Xinjiang Province. I also know that the three-channel gala with similar specifications as the Spring Festival Gala, Double Support Spring Festival Gala, Public Security Spring Gala, etc. will no longer be held, and CCTV Spring Festival Gala has become the only survivor. But how to sing and dance during the Spring Festival Gala, I don't know who will sing and who will dance.

In fact, I don’t know everything. As an old entertainment reporter, I was waiting for teacher He Qingkui to help bring us into the studio in the cold wind of minus 6 degrees at the west gate of CCTV for secret interviews. There are a group of friends who continue to work on the most news. I must have seen and heard a lot of news about the Spring Festival Gala. But, I turned a blind eye to deaf ears, who was on the Spring Festival Gala? who cares!

A netizen said that fortunately, Cui Jian could not sing "Nothing" because he was not allowed to modify the lyrics, but could only sing "Girl in the Flower House", so he was angry and would not be on the Spring Festival Gala. "I heard that he is going to the Spring Festival Gala, it feels like the first love is going to be a chicken!"
It sounds like the Spring Festival Gala is like heaven and earth.

To say that the Spring Festival Gala was indeed a unique crane in the gala, to use the nightclub metaphor, it was also a fighter in the nightclub. Sing a song in the spring evening, immediately worth a hundred times, fame and fortune. Therefore, in the 90s, singers became rich. According to legend, they carried two loads of RMB to Beijing, but they wanted to show their faces in the Spring Festival Gala. In order to hold more money, the scene got bigger and bigger, but the RMB was too much and the stage was not enough. The final result was that the hundreds of square meters were crowded with actors and singers. The action was a little bigger. Someone will be squeezed off the stage by their neighbors. In the end, it became a singing and dancing temple fair, lively but ugly.

It's a pity that this was the year, and now the Spring Festival Gala is not so capable anymore. Basically, in addition to adding a note to the singer's self-resume, the appearance fee negotiation adds a grass mark, which is of no use. The saddest thing is Li Yundi, who was still the piano prince before going on stage. After going on stage, he became a magic prop! If Cui Jian is a chicken in the Spring Festival Gala, Li Yundi is simply a comfort woman!

I don't think it is important whether Cui Jian is not allowed to appear on the Spring Festival Gala or Cui Jian does not want to appear. Is it because the lyrics cannot be modified, and it is not credible. I can recite the lyrics that have nothing. Pure is like snow-capped spring water. On the contrary, the girl in the flower room has the love of men and women. If it is the lyrics, it is the girl in the flower room that needs to be modified. But this is not important, because he can't go on and on, the Spring Festival Gala is like that, and Cui Jian is like that. I guess, maybe because of the decades-old unwritten rule, rock and roll are not allowed on TV. In fact, everyone knows that with or without TV, rock and roll has long been dissolved into the anger of young people and has nothing to do with Cui Jian. One day, rock and roll will be the mainstream of pop music, just like European and American society. But this is the case in our great motherland. Many things are done, and nothing is done at all. But because the old comrades refused to do it decades ago, they did not do it. In the radio and television system, this is the best tradition.

I don't know about other places, but in Guangzhou, the Spring Festival Gala has never had so many viewers. It used to be because people didn't understand Mandarin and never watched CCTV. I understand now, but the New Year’s Eve dinner is all eaten in a restaurant. A rice market is divided into two sections. After two hours, I have to leave after eating, because there is still a group of people waiting for a place, watching TV. Besides, what's so good?

To be honest, for those who are still watching the Spring Festival Gala, it is of no practical significance to watch the Spring Festival Gala on the TV. While playing mahjong, you have to take a leisurely look. The gala has basically become a dubbing, just like a miscarriage. For the second time, smokers must light a cigarette when sitting on the toilet. Watching the Spring Festival Gala is pure habit.

The only thing I'm not used to is that these three words are so awkward to read during the Spring Festival Gala. Can I change the elegant words?

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