Now, it is no longer the era of flying pigeons and paper greeting cards. This Christmas, on average, every Australian will send 8 short messages to close friends, 4 to distant relatives, and 3 to close relatives.

A survey conducted by Telstra stated that the trend of high-tech sending blessings has boosted the SMS traffic of mobile communications.

But this simple way of calling will not be completely abandoned by people.

31% of people will call their mother first to send Christmas greetings, and 22% will receive a greeting phone call from their partner.

The Pureprofile survey found that due to Christmas, many people cannot be reunited with their families due to various reasons, and the way to call and text messages to send blessings is on the rise. This year, 10 out of every 6 people will be unable to spend Christmas with their loved ones. Section.

According to Scott McGibbony, Telstra’s director of mobile operations, the company’s customers are expected to make 1440 million mobile phone calls and only 550 million wired calls. He said that picture information will also be very popular, and it is expected that the amount of multimedia information sent by people will increase by 50%.

Among those who live apart from their loved ones, 42% said they live too far away from friends and family, 32% said their relatives and friends live overseas, and 14% said it was because of work I have to live in a different place with my family and friends. Among these people, only 23% said that they would spend more than 3 hours on Christmas to get together with family and friends.

Is it the fast-paced life or does Australians have this habit? Australians have an addiction. They never forget to check work emails during the holidays. More than one-third of company employees have to log in to their email addresses to check work emails during the Christmas holidays.

A recent survey by Randstad Workmonitor, an international human resources agency, shows that 35% of Australians plan to regularly check their email inboxes during the Christmas holidays for work-related emails, which is higher than in any other country.

In contrast, nearly 30% of respondents in Canada want to check work mail during holidays, followed by 26% in the UK and 25% in New Zealand.

Not only that, the survey also shows that about one-fifth of Australian workers can work during holidays.


Editor: Liu Tao