Posted on Monday, January 2014, 1 27:15

[Guide] Xie Guozhong, who has been nicknamed the "Air Force One" in the economic world because he has been singing the real estate market, said recently that the domestic real estate bubble is bursting and house prices will fall by 2014% in 50.

But Hu Jiye, a professor at the China University of Political Science and Law, analyzed when he was a guest on "Economic Hotspot Face to Face": "Xie Guozhong said in 2005 that housing prices would fall by half. At that time, if anyone listened to him, his eyes would have been crying. He was always speechless. It’s amazing, but he doesn’t need to believe what he said."

Guo Xia, the dean of the Xinsheng Economic Research Institute who was on the guest program during the same period, also believes that Xie Guozhong’s view is "self-certified", which means that if everyone goes to cash out and sell the house, the house price will definitely fall; so if everyone listens to him, His view is correct, and vice versa.

Regarding the housing price trend in 2014, Hu Jiye said: “There is a saying in China that some people work hard to rush to the examination room, and some people go back to their hometowns. It is because some people buy and others sell, it is possible to form a market, so everyone sells for cash. It may be realized. In 2014, housing prices, especially in first-tier cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, will basically remain stable with small fluctuations."

Source: China Economic Net