Guizhou reported that more than half of residents were affected by fire in Beijing and Dong Village-Australia

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On February 1,州镇远县报京侗寨,临时救灾帐篷已经搭建而起。 

With a history of more than 300 years州镇远县报京侗寨25日晚失火,烧毁房屋100余栋。记者从镇远县人民政府了解到,此次大火造成侗寨核心区超半数住户受灾。


Baojing Dazhai is the northern part of Southeastern Guizhou最大的侗寨,曾是中国保持最完整的侗族村寨之一。报京大寨距离镇远城南39公里,居住着470余户、2000名侗族同胞,距今已有300多年历史。侗寨传统的“三月三”已经申报国家级非物质.

At present, the cause of the fire and the property仍在进一步调查核实中。

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