2014-01-28 00:44:08 Source: Australian website Marieedit

Australia.net News Victoria’s Docklands National Day fireworks display on the 26th arrived as scheduled, but many people were unable to return home in time due to the crowded queue at the parking lot after watching the fireworks display.

Witnesses estimated that after watching the fireworks display, more than 500 vehicles were blocked in the parking lot for more than half an hour. Vanessa Axiak, the mother of the two children, said, “The scene was chaotic and too dangerous. Many cars were carrying children. The temperature in the parking lot was very high and it was late. The people trapped inside were very frustrated. I don't know what happened."

Vanessa Axiak took her two children and a friend to watch the fireworks display that night, but she said, "The fireworks display is really spectacular, but (trapped here) is ridiculous. I won’t be here next year. Go to the beach to celebrate. Is a better choice."

(Australia Net)