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Walk into the award-winning "Remaining Space" home

Published 24 Jary 2014, 14:31 AEST
Compiler: Fan Huiqiang, Editor: Ma Jianyuan

This building, called the "House of Surplus Space", is located in Paddington, a suburb of Queensland, Australia.The neighbours around it are on one side a heritage-protected dance hall, one side is an independent hut, and the other side is a heritage-protected hut.The long and narrow piece of land between them is the remaining space of these buildings. Therefore, the owner called the home built on this piece of land as "the home of remaining space."


这栋楼的宽度仅三米,但是长度与普通市内住家的地块差长。在设计中他们要把周边所有的因素都考虑进去。他们建的楼梯就是一个最好的例子。他们把楼梯一直延伸到那栋独立的小屋的边上,并把它修饰成一道风景。现在这个建在房屋中间的楼梯不仅可以用来上下楼,还成了孩子们The open air,或是一家人坐下来放松的地方。


Valence and his wife bought the land ten years ago when they just graduated, so they say that this building is a dream work of two young designers.

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