The day on the red carpet: Jannie Baltzer LookBook – Fashion – Sydney

Release your eyes, put on headphones, and listen~!

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      怀着完成每对新人梦想的理念,设计师Jannie Baltzer成立了以头饰和配件为主的同名品牌。Jannie Baltzer以1990 年初期法国的波希米亚,以及 1920年好莱坞奢华魅力为灵感,结合精美的Art Deco creates this gorgeous and beautiful wedding headdress.处的装饰艺术、手工制的花朵和水晶珍珠、别致的法国蕾丝、丝绸以及轻柔的雪纺等材料的诠释,仿佛挥动着手中奇妙异想的Baton,优雅又充满创意的复古风味。 

Jannie Baltzer02


Jannie Baltzer03


Jannie Baltzer04


Jannie Baltzer05


Jannie Baltzer06


Jannie Baltzer07


Jannie Baltzer08


Jannie Baltzer09


Jannie Baltzer10

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