According to an international survey released on the 17th, Australians believe that they live in the fattest country in the world. Chinese people have the courage to admit that they don't like sports, they like to drink, and eat high-fat foods. Nearly half of the people are dissatisfied with their weight. Regrettably, although Chinese people recognize these problems, they are not willing to make changes for health.

Strong awareness of obesity issues

The US official surveyed 8 people from 4000 developed countries. After research, it was found that Australians have the highest awareness of their own obesity among the 8 countries. Statistics show that 48% of Chinese people list themselves as overweight. They think that they are slightly fat or very overweight. Only 44% of people in the United States, where obesity is a serious problem, feel that they are overweight.

However, the National Health Insurance (Medibank) stated that although Chinese people have "a deep understanding" of the problem of gaining weight, they seem to be reluctant to make changes in order to change their body shape.

Bad lifestyle affects health

According to statistics, a quarter of Australians admit that they do not do any sports in normal times. This ratio is only higher than that of France, which is least sports-loving. It is reported that 1% of French people cannot guarantee once a week exercise.

In terms of drinking, nearly 20% of people admit that they drink 50 to 14 standard glasses of wine a week. Experts advocate drinking no more than XNUMX standard glasses per week. According to statistics, Britain and China are the countries with the most serious alcoholism problems in the world.

In terms of diet, only 1/7 of Australians can eat reasonably according to the recommended dietary standards, and they can ensure that they consume 2 fruits and 5 vegetables every day.

Australia is stronger than other countries looking forward to improving physical health through "meditation". A quarter of the people believe that "meditation" can make the body better. Another third of Chinese people believe that keeping pets is a healthy lifestyle.

Weak awareness of weight loss actions

The Chief Physician of National Health Insurance Boyd said that Chinese people always indulge themselves in diet. They always call themselves too tired or too busy to exercise or eat properly. However, Chinese people do not seem to realize that health is not a choice of all or none. Boyd said: “You don’t need to be an iron man. Walking the dog, eating more vegetables, resting on weekends, and getting enough sleep are also important for health. Many people think that for health, we need to sweat and exercise, or You must take time to go to the gym, but in fact, people can start with a 10-minute walk, and then gradually increase to keep walking for 30 minutes a day."

Among the interviewees, nearly half of the people said that they have set 2014 health goals and hope to exercise more and lose weight in the future.


Editor: Liu Tao