Inflation is higher than expected, interest rates difficult to cut | Australia

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Inflation is higher than expected, interest rates are difficult to cut

Published 23 January 2014, 13:21 AEST
Compiler: Fan Huiqiang, Editor: Penning


Supermarket fruit and veg 一项私人调查发现水果、价格增幅巨大。 (Credit: ABC) 


澳联储比较倾向于消费者物价指数的截尾均值(The trimmed mean)和加权(wehted n CPI)。这是因为这种计算排除了最动荡的价格变动。即便是按照澳联储的计算,消费者物价指数也远高于预期,去年第四季度上升了0.9%,全年上升了2.6%。

利亚统计局说,那个季度涨幅最明显的是国内旅游和住宿,涨幅为6.9%,水果8.1%,7.1%,新房1%。另外,国际旅费和The cost of tobacco increased by 2.6%, and the price of tobacco increased by 2.2%.

According to the Bureau of Statistics, the increase in the cost of domestic and international travel is entirely due to seasonality, Tickets for peak season and费用都高于往常。和水果价格的上升是因为主要产区的不利气候影响。烟草价格则与The government raised taxes related.

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