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In the early morning of January 1th, Beijing time, the U.S. stock market closed sharply on Friday. The Dow plunged nearly 25 points. It suffered the biggest one-day drop since June 320. This week’s drop of 6% was the biggest since May 20. Weekly decline. The global market has generally declined, and the currency exchange rates of emerging markets continue to fall.

  美东时间1月24日16:00(北京时间1月25日05:00),道琼斯(15879.11, -318.24, -1.96%)工业平均指数下跌318.24点,收于15,879.11点,跌幅为1.96%;标准普尔500指数下跌38.14点,收于1,790.32点,跌幅为2.09%;纳斯达克(4128.17, -90.70, -2.15%)综合指数下跌90.70点,收于4,128.17点,跌幅为2.15%。

     First Citizens BancShares公司首席投资官埃里克-蒂尔(Eric Teal)表示:“新兴市场及其外汇的波动影响着美国市场。在去年大幅攀升之后,我认为现在市场可能出现了一些反应过激的抛售。”<IMG src=""

On Thursday, the exchange rate of emerging market currencies suffered their worst selling in five years. Argentine policymakers devalued the peso by reducing support for the foreign exchange market. The Turkish lira plummeted, the Ukrainian hryvnia exchange rate fell to a four-year low, and the South African rand broke through 2008:11 for the first time since 1. According to two people familiar with the matter, the Chinese Banking Regulatory Agency ordered its subordinate local agencies to increase the review of credit risks in the coal industry, which means that the government is worried about possible credit defaults.

Investors are gradually losing confidence in some of the largest developing countries, which has increased the volatility of the exchange rate market that began with the Federal Reserve’s signal to reduce QE. Yesterday, the S&P 500 index closed down 0.9%, and the Dow fell to a new one-month low. One of the reasons was that China’s manufacturing data unexpectedly shrank.

The MSCI Emerging Market Index fell 1.3% on Friday, continuing the downward trend this year. The European market suffered its biggest decline since June.


Nick Xanders, a stock market strategist at BTIG, said: “The currency exchange rates of emerging market countries have fallen sharply, and the ruble, rupee, rial, and South African rand have all fallen because of the Fed’s cuts in QE measures. Many. The company has benefited a lot from the booming growth in emerging market countries, and now it is going to be dragged down in turn."

Analysts also pointed out that traders are nervously watching the development of the Ukrainian crisis. According to reports, Ukrainian protesters have blocked the government building on Friday.


AvaTrade's chief market analyst Naeem Aslam (Naeem Aslam) said that investors are also worried about corporate earnings, because most of the large companies that announced earnings this week did not meet expectations. He wrote in the research report: "Traders are frightened. They are worried about corporate earnings and the results of the Federal Reserve meeting."

Aslam said: “The current situation is that the good news is the bad news. The US economic data released yesterday also confirmed that the strong growth of the US economy has not changed, which increases the Fed’s need to take further action at the next meeting. possibility."

The Federal Reserve will hold a meeting on January 1-28. The influential Fed observer and Jon Hilsenrath of The Wall Street Journal recently predicted that Fed officials will again reduce the size of asset purchases at this meeting.

In overseas markets on Thursday, the Shanghai Composite Index bucked the trend and rose, the Nikkei 225 Index closed down nearly 2%, and the Hong Kong Hang Seng Index closed down 1.2%.

  个股消息面,微软(36.8, 0.75, 2.08%)(MSFT)股价走高,该公司宣布第四财季业绩超出预期。

  星巴克(74.98, 1.59, 2.17%)(SBUX)小幅上扬,该公司宣布盈利增长25%,但销售收入不及预期。

Kimberly Clark (KMB) announced earnings per share for the fourth fiscal quarter of US$1.40, and the average market expects its earnings per share to be US$1.39.

  宝洁(79.18, 0.94, 1.20%)(PG)宣布第二财季销售收入不及预期,每股收益1.39美元。核心业务每股收益1.21美元。市场平均预期该公司每股收益1.20美元。

  霍尼韦尔(88.47, -1.33, -1.48%)(HON)该公司第四财季每股收益1.19美元,经调整之后的每股收益为1.24美元。市场平均预期该公司每股收益1.22美元。


Honeywell's adjusted earnings in the fourth quarter beat expectations

American diversified manufacturer Honeywell International (HON) released its financial report on Friday, saying that the net profit in the fourth quarter of 2013 increased significantly, thanks to the improvement of the performance of all major departments, and adjusted profit was better than market expectations.

The company's net profit for the quarter increased from 2.51 million U.S. dollars, or 32 cents per share, to 9.47 million U.S. dollars, or 1.19 U.S. dollars per share. The performance of the same period last year was dragged down by huge pension expenses. Excluding one-time items, adjusted earnings per share were US$1.24, higher than the average estimate of US$1.21 by analysts surveyed by Thomson Reuters. Revenue increased 8% to 103.9 billion US dollars, nearly 2 million US dollars higher than analysts’ average expectations.

The company's two largest divisions—aerospace and industrial automation, and control solutions—increased profitability by 6% and 8%, respectively; the smaller performance materials and technology division increased profitability by 30%.

Bristol-Myers Squibb's fourth quarter earnings beat expectations

  百时美施贵宝(50.94, -3.01, -5.58%)公司(BMY)周五发布财报称,2013年第四季度营收及盈利均好于市场预期,得益于成本削减以及其癌症、血栓与糖尿病治疗药物的销售额增长。

The company's net profit for the quarter fell from 9.25 million US dollars, or 56 cents per share, to 7.26 million US dollars, or 44 cents per share, in the same period last year. Excluding special items, adjusted earnings per share were 51 cents, far exceeding the 43 cents expected by analysts surveyed by Thomson Reuters.

Revenue increased by 6% to 44.4 billion U.S. dollars, better than analysts’ average estimate of 43 billion U.S. dollars. The company said that in the fourth quarter marketing, sales and management expenses fell 7%, and research and development expenses also fell 12%, all of which contributed to the growth of performance.

Kimberly Clark's fourth-quarter earnings beat expectations

US consumer goods giant Kimberly-Clark Corporation (KMB) released its financial report on Friday, stating that its net profit in the fourth quarter of 2013 more than doubled, better than market expectations, benefiting from cost reductions and organic revenue growth.

The company’s net profit for the quarter increased from 2.67 million U.S. dollars, or 68 cents per share, to 5.39 million U.S. dollars, or 1.40 U.S. dollars per share. Excluding one-time items, adjusted earnings per share were $1.44, higher than the average estimate of $1.39 by analysts surveyed by FactSet. Revenue was flat at $53.10 billion year-on-year, better than analysts’ average estimate of $52.80 billion.

  2013年全年,该公司净盈利从上年的17.50亿美元,合每股4.42美元,增至21.40亿美元,合每股5.53 美元。调整后每股盈利为5.77美元。全年营收由此前的210.6亿美元微升至211.5亿美元。

Caterpillar's mechanical retail sales fell 9% in the fourth quarter

  卡特彼勒(86.17, -2.31, -2.61%)公司(CAT)周五宣布,2013年第四季度机械零售额较上年同期下降9%。最大的下降来自亚太地区,降幅达19%。北美地区表现最好,仅下降1%。该公司的动力系统业务全球零售额下降了6%。

Gold rose 0.2% to $ 1264.30

New York gold futures prices closed up 0.2% on Friday, at 1264.30 US dollars per ounce, up 1% this week, continuing the previous four weeks of gains.

Crude oil fell 0.7% to $96.64

New York crude oil futures prices closed down 0.7% on Friday, at $96.64 per barrel. Traders are still digesting the weekly US crude oil inventory data released on Thursday. This week, oil prices in New York rose 2.4%. At the same time, the price of New York natural gas futures broke through $5 per million British thermal units in Friday's trading, setting the highest level since mid-2010. Natural gas prices soared by 9.6% that day and soared by 20% this week.

European stocks fell 2.4% on Friday

European stocks closed down sharply on Friday. Bank stocks and pharmaceutical stocks led the decline. This week's decline was the largest in seven months. Yesterday China’s weak PMI data triggered new concerns about the global economic slowdown, and negative sentiment spread to other emerging markets.



Among the major regional stock indexes, Spain, which suffered the most losses, the IBEX 35 index plummeted 3.6% to close at 9868.90 points, a cumulative decline of 5.7% this week.

  德国DAX 30指数大跌2.5%,收报9392.02点,本周累计跌3.6%。英国富时100指数下跌1.6%,收报6663.74点,本周累计跌2.4%。法国CAC 40指数大跌2.8%,收报4161.47点,本周累计跌3.8%。

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