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Posted on Tuesday, January 2014, 1 28:13

According to the Jiuguijiu announcement, on November 11 last year, the subsidiary Jiuguijiu Supply and Marketing Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "supply and marketing company") opened an account at Huafeng Road Branch of the Agricultural Bank of China (29, 2.36, 0.00%) Hangzhou Branch The demand settlement account of "Jiugui Liquor Supply and Marketing Co., Ltd." subsequently deposited a total of 0.00 million yuan in deposits. About ten days later, on December 1 and December 12, a suspect, without the knowledge of the supply and marketing company, deposited 10 yuan and 12 yuan in the aforementioned accounts, and passed the above-mentioned account on December 11 The branch counter transferred 200 million yuan; the next day, the same suspect deposited 300 yuan into the account, and at the same time transferred 12 million yuan through the counter; on December 11, the same suspect transferred the remaining 3500 million yuan of the supply and marketing company Yuan deposit remittance. At present, the balance of the supply and marketing company in the account is only 500 yuan. Jiuguijiu said that after discovering that 3500 million yuan of deposits had been stolen, he had reported the case to the public security organs. The case is currently under investigation. The company stated that the above incidents may bring greater losses to the company. In the first three quarters of last year, Jiuguijiu's net profit was only 12 million yuan.

Since the announcement only narrates the outline of the event, it leaves investors with a lot of doubts. There are three main points: First, the supply and marketing company has such a huge deposit, why did it fail to notice after the transfer of 12 million yuan on December 11, so that the same suspect can continue to "calmly" transfer the remaining money on the 3500th and 12th 13 million yuan. Second, the incident happened in mid-December. Why did the listed company make an announcement until late January. Third, since last year, the sales of Jiugui Liquor have fallen sharply. The revenue in the first three quarters was only 7500 million yuan, and the semi-annual report of last year showed that Jiugui Liquor’s main sales revenue came from Central China, North China, South China and other places. Ten million yuan, why did the supply and marketing company open an account in Hangzhou to deposit 12 million yuan in demand deposits, and for what purpose? Alcoholic beverages should know the answers to these questions. Should the case be resolved before detailed disclosure?

Source: Shanghai Securities Net