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The eleven-year-old piano prodigy Li Xuanheng won another honor in the Ukraine International Youth Piano Competition in the middle of last month. He won the championship with his skill and beautiful musicality and won the grand prize of US$XNUMX. Xuan Heng's father, Li Yunsheng, also won the best teacher award and a $XNUMX prize. The organizing committee of this competition selected fifteen children under the age of XNUMX in the world trials and fully supported them and their parents to participate in the second and third rounds of the competition in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine.

Father Yunsheng was very satisfied with Xuan Heng's excellent performance. It was not an easy task to stand out among the many players who were studying in famous Ukrainian and Russian music schools. Yunsheng said that their secret is Chopin, a great piano poet born in Poland in the XNUMXth century. The reason why Chopin is hailed as a piano poet is because he can express a subtle and slightly sad poetry with simple melody and beautiful harmony. Every time I listen to it, I feel the beauty and shortness of life, and I feel regretful. This is because he was sick since he was a child and was forced to leave his hometown when he was young. The regret of not being able to go home and emotional frustration caused the talented composer to die in depression at the age of thirty-nine. My sister brought Chopin's heart back to Poland. In the history of the competition, many young players would not choose Chopin’s repertoire, because many musicians and judges would hate a Chopin with no aesthetic sense. They would think you are so small, how would you understand Chopin? Many pianists admit that they are in Before the age of twenty, I dare not touch Chopin's late works. The title track chosen by Xuan Heng and his son this time is the last song of Chopin before his death-"Ship Song". <Ship Song> is called the holy grail of piano repertoire, and it cannot be defiled or desecrated. This bold decision was made because Xuan Heng had a sense of beauty in music that God bestowed on him since he was a child. The Chopin he played can always be simple and not do anything, but he can make the piano just right in terms of rhythm changes." Sing, sigh". Because of this, Xuan Heng won the Chopin International Youth Piano Competition in the United States at the age of nine, and won praise from many masters in the individual piano recital at the Polish Chopin Music Festival in July this year. At that time, the family stayed in Warsaw, Poland and spent three days walking along the church where Chopin was born, grew up, read, left, and his heart was buried to experience Chopin's first half of his life and his regrets. This is undoubtedly a further help to Chopin played by Xuan Heng. Many listeners and judges were surprised to say that Xuan Heng was very mature in performing Chopin. Often someone would come to Xuan Heng and say: "Your Chopin makes me cry."

After the competition in Kiev, Ukraine, Xuan Heng flew non-stop to Moscow, Russia, and performed Grieg’s Piano Concerto in A minor with the famous Moscow Symphony Orchestra in the lobby of the Moscow Conservatory. More than XNUMX audience members spoke to the announcement. Heng's performance was greeted with enthusiastic applause and constant shouts of "Bravo". Master Alexander Slykowski, the conductor of the world-class orchestra who invited Xuan Heng to perform, said, "You are great, and I look forward to working with you again next time!". The Moscow Conservatory has a long history. Over the past century, it has nurtured a large number of world-famous musicians, such as Tchaikovsky and Lakmaninov who wrote "Swan Lake". Its concert hall is comparable to the Carnegie Concert Hall in New York, USA. Xuan Heng can perform with a world-class orchestra in a world-class concert hall at the age of eleven. He is full of gratitude. This will be a precious experience in his life. If you want to watch Xuan Heng play the piano, he will perform at the year-end concert of Li Yunsheng Music School held at the Alexandria Library Theater in the city center at XNUMX:XNUMX pm on the coming Sunday of December XNUMX.

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