Chen Sicheng and Tong Liya married hundreds of relatives and friends in Tahiti, including food and accommodation

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Posted on Thursday, January 2014, 1 16:14
: Intern03



  除了大手笔为百位好友包吃包住包,因为海岛紫外线强,贴心的佟丽娅还特意为每位嘉宾准备了With skin care products, my good friend Dong Xuan was very moved. "When I entered the room, there were unexpected surprises. No matter the details, all kinds of intimate care, the bride can worry too much, so quickly recharge. We are waiting for the bridal chamber. ."

  Tong Liya suspected of being pregnant, Dong Xuan revealed on Weibo


  The reporter found on Dong Xuan’s Weibo that this good girlfriend also seemed to imply something in her words, “My sister who has been separated for many years has a brother-in-law and a nephew soon? Bless my sister and look forward to Tahiti’s witness to you. Sweet moments!” It seems that Chen Sicheng’s pace of becoming a father in the Year of the Horse is getting closer.


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