Strange men and women haunted gas station, girl insurance was abducted by “husband and wife” traffickers – Australian News – Sydney

Release your eyes, put on headphones, and listen~!

2014-01-27 09: 47: 11   :Sydney Original URL  Celiaedit

        Sydney – A little girl was in danger of being kidnapped at a gas station north of Mackay on January 1, Eastern Time, Australia.


        The girl struggled and finally escaped and found her family.

        据了解,该女子上了一辆淡蓝色或者银色的Hyundai Accent的轿车,司机是年轻男子,然后Just drove away.The police released the CCTV footage a few days ago.

        The woman is模样,年约25岁,178cm左右的,体态瘦削,.Denim shorts and light T-shirt.

        The man is too模样,年龄介乎18-25岁,黝黑色皮肤,183cm左右的.


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