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No longer without relying on nap, sleeping posture is no longer without demeanor. Reject the noise, cut off the light, rest assured! Ostrich Pillow Light is a pillow, a scarf, in fact, she is still a blindfold, a hat! ! ! It makes us very comfortable, keeps us warm, and always cares about us. It can accompany us every day, walk through the flow of people, experience prosperity, and enjoy loneliness; even on the subway, take a nap. Take a nap in peace on trains, airplanes, and buses; or when it only acts as a blindfold, it also performs its duties.

The only problem is, do you mind when others look at you @[Email protected] But, maybe you just want such an eye-catching feeling?


Ostrich pillow from Spain:

Attribute: original authentic
Brand: Ostrich Pillow
Brand Location: Spain
Place of production: Spain

Pillow function: nap, nap, deep sleep more comfortable
Bib function: make the neck warmer and keep out the cold
Eye mask function: a light-shielding eye mask when sleeping, making it easier to fall asleep
Earplug function: when resting, can effectively isolate the noise harassment
Accessories function: as a part of clothing, make the whole person look more fashionable

Dimensions: 31.5 length x 16.5 width x 10 height
Weight: ultra-light, almost negligible
Material: high-quality fabric outer layer + inner particle filling
Color: blue/red optional

Whether it can be washed: It is not recommended to wash, it can be cleaned