Refugees molested blind women at Sydney Railway Station

Release your eyes, put on headphones, and listen~!

2014-01-28 14: 25: 23   :Sydney Original URL  Nikiedit

        Sydney News Australia East1月28日 据称,于去年7月17日在悉尼内西Ashfield火车站发生一起盲女惨遭难民调戏。25岁的孟加拉国难民Rubel Sheikh对23岁的Holly Craig女士(盲人)进行了淫辱,Craig女士的胸部以及大腿内侧等部位都遭到了侵犯。


        The case revealed that Sheikh followed Ms. Craig to the platform and then followed her on the train. She didn't stop "following" until Ms. Craig got off the train at Gymea Railway Station and met her mother. According to Ms. Craig herself, she felt that something fell between her breasts while waiting for the bus. Once on the train, she felt that someone had reached into her bra twice to touch her breasts, and her inner thighs were also touched. At this time, a man whispered to her "feeling good" and asked to "kiss goodbye" to her.


        Craig女士告诉法庭,她并未向母亲提起那天的事情(因为的关系不是很好),而是Call the police immediately.



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