time:2006-08-30source:The Australian Times Author:Zhang Ye


Fight crime ambassadors are between XNUMX and XNUMX years old. They are "Hang Seng Bank’s Helping Police Fight Youth Crime Competition"2006"The winner. The competition aims to raise young people’s awareness of juvenile crime and calls on them to assist the police in fighting crime.

The Fight Crime Ambassador visited two major cities, Melbourne and Sydney. During their stay in Melbourne, they wereChristine NixonThe lady met. She was the first female police chief in Australia.

Fight Crime Ambassador Cheng Mingzhi said: “Able toNixonI feel very honored to talk to the lady. I agree with her view that a good leader must respect and trust his subordinates and be committed to serving the society. "

In addition, they visited the Victoria Police Training School, the Mounted Police Department, the New South Wales Police Rescue and Explosives Disposal Unit and the Marine Police Department to learn about their daily work.

During their stay in Sydney, the members had cultural exchanges with young people in the local police community youth club. The club was jointly established by the New South Wales Police and a non-profit organization to provide leadership training for youth at risk and arrange sports, cultural and community activities.

Gong Qiyi, the youngest fight crime ambassador, said: "We had a happy time with our new friends. In order to thank them for their hospitality, we performed Erhu and Xinjiang Dance, and they invited us to join a gymnastics class. It makes me unforgettable."

In addition to allowing the fight crime ambassadors to absorb the knowledge of fight crime, they also took the opportunity to experience the customs of Australia and learn about the local history and culture.

Visiting the Mount Soflin Museum allowed them to get to know the town of Ballarat in the suburbs of Melbourne, which is famous for its gold mining, and learn about the life of Chinese miners in the town more than XNUMX years ago. In addition to trying their luck and panning for gold, everyone also tasted the taste of riding a carriage.

For these anti-crime ambassadors, this exchange event also helped their personal growth. In the meantime, they have to take care of each other, take turns responsible for preparing meals for everyone and arranging souvenirs to give away. Therefore, they learn to care for others and strengthen their organizational skills.

Anti-crime ambassador Chen Jiaheng said: “Arranging dinner for more than XNUMX people has not only taught me to balance budgetary expenditures with personal preferences, but also improved my organizational skills.”

Before returning to Hong Kong, the group members met with the local press at the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office in Sydney to talk about what they saw and heard about the journey.

The biennial "Hang Seng Bank Helping the Police Fight Juvenile Crime Competition" is organized by the Hong Kong Police Force and sponsored by Hang Seng Bank and Qantas.

The competition consists of elementary school, middle school and post-secondary students. A total of XNUMX entries were received this year, the highest in the past XNUMX years.

Fifteen winners performed well in tests of composition competition, leadership, speech and English expression skills, and stood out.

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