Executive Director of the Spring Festival Gala for the Year of the Horse: The first Spring Festival Gala is positioned as a national project

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(Executive Director of the Spring Festival Gala for the Year of the Horse: The first Spring Festival Gala is positioned as a national project)

Lu Yitao, the executive director of the Spring Festival Gala of the Year of the Horse, is listening to the reports from the head of the zombies and the creative team in the office of the Spring Festival Gala crew of Media Center. "Yes, so be it," Lu Yitao nodded frequently. The day before the first row of the Spring Festival Gala ended, the leaders of each group began to make program changes. As a former creator of the Hawen (Weibo) team, this is the third time Lu Yitao has participated in the creation of the Spring Festival Gala. The Spring Festival Gala in the previous two years also emphasized innovation. Lu Yitao spoke to China News Weekly in a half-joking tone. Said that this year's Spring Festival Gala, "the biggest innovation is the external recruitment of the chief director."

"Should be accompanying"

China News Weekly: When did you know that Feng Xiaogang (weibo) was going to be the chief director?

Lu Yitao: I just received the notice from the station. At the end of June and early July. It just feels that the country attaches great importance to it (laughs), national projects. It can only be said that the Spring Festival Gala is too important. Even if it is a bad year, the people can't make it through, and the leaders can't bear it. The starting point must be to make this show good, for example, we want to be exquisite and lively.

China News Weekly:You are doing the Spring Festival Gala in the third year, how do you understand the Spring Festival Gala?

吕逸涛:春晚怎么做才能让大家都满意,其实这就不太可能。现在的观众,口味太重。你川菜,我本帮菜。当年80年代,90年代,是春晚最火的时候,到2000年了,就没那么火了,是吧,观众分流很严重。以前台里也讲过,就应该叫伴随式的,除夕夜的年夜饭,打麻将,都是伴随,咱们都是,我没做春晚之前,就是普通观众。电视机是开着的,什么东西都在看,什么东西也都不看,大部分时间是和亲友聊天,打麻将。有个, Just deduct the card and take a look.When you hear a good song, scan it.

China News Weekly: I heard that this time the leadership paid special attention to the Spring Festival Gala?

Lu Yitao: The Spring Festival Gala has always been valued. I participated in three sessions, but this year I paid more attention to it and positioned it as a national project.第一次。这个之前没有提过,以前我们都是说台长工程,也重视。但国家项目,今年第一次提。我自己觉得,那国家项目是什么呀,开幕式是国家项目,是吧。这类型,他的“格”就高,重视程度就高,也体现领导迫切地想改变,各方面想去做好这个事。

China News Weekly: In the past two years, I have been talking about innovation. This year I found director Feng Xiaogang. How do you understand the difficulty of innovation in the Spring Festival Gala?

吕逸涛:创新这两年其实都是有,但是每届春晚,它已经变成一个常态了。每年都有创新这个词。但是你知道,现在所有观众的口味,也高了,选择也多了,包括各个频道,包括境外,包括网络,很发达。想看到的视频,除了Class, what you want.But for the Spring Festival Gala, how can the showIn the hearts of the audience, I think this is not easy.


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