Executive Director of the Spring Festival Gala for the Year of the Horse: The first Spring Festival Gala is positioned as a national project

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(Executive Director of the Spring Festival Gala for the Year of the Horse: The first Spring Festival Gala is positioned as a national project)

Lu Yitao, the executive director of the Spring Festival Gala of the Year of the Horse, is listening to the reports from the head of the zombies and the creative team in the office of the Spring Festival Gala crew of Media Center. "Yes, that's it," Lu Yitao nodded frequently.The day before the first row of the Spring Festival Gala ended, the leaders of each group began to make program changes one after another.As the former Havin ()团队中的主创,这已经是吕逸涛第三次参加春晚的创作,前两年的春晚也在强调,吕逸涛用半开玩笑的语气对《中国新闻周刊》说,今年的春晚,“最大的就是总导演外聘。”

"Should be accompanying"


Lu Yitao: I just received the notice from the station. It's the end of June and the beginning of July.It just feels that the country attaches great importance to it (laughs), national projects.It can only be said that the Spring Festival Gala is too important, I just feel itIn the new year, the people can't get through, and the leaders can't bear it.The starting point must be to make this show good, for example, we want to be exquisite and lively.

China News Weekly: This is the third year you have done the Spring Festival Gala. How do you understand the Spring Festival Gala?

Lu Yitao: How to do the Spring Festival Gala to make everyone satisfied, in fact, this is not possible.The current audience, the taste is too heavy.You love Sichuan food, I love local food.In the 80s and 90s, the Spring Festival Gala was the hottest time. By 2000, it was not so popular. Right, the audience split was very serious.As mentioned in the front desk, it should be called the accompanying style, New Year’s Eve.., Are all accompanied, we are all,Before the Spring Festival Gala, it was an ordinary audience.The TV is on. I watch everything and don’t watch anything. Most of the time I’m chatting with my relatives and friends..There is a skit, just deduct the card and take a look.When you hear a good song, scan it.

China News Weekly: I heard that this time the leadership paid special attention to the Spring Festival Gala?

Lv Yitao: The Spring Festival Gala has always been valued. I participated in three sessions, but this year I paid more attention to it and positioned it as a national project. This is the first time. We haven't mentioned this before. We used to talk about the director project and we also attached great importance to it. But the national project was mentioned for the first time this year. In my opinion, what is the national event? The opening ceremony of the Olympic Games is a national event, right? This is a type. His "dignity" is high and his attention is high. It also shows that the leader is eager to change and all parties want to do this well.


Lu Yitao:这两年其实都是有,但是每届春晚,它已经变成一个常态了。每年都有这个词。但是,现在所有观众的口味,也高了,也多了,包括各个频道,包括境外媒体,包括网络,很发达。想看到的视频,除了语言类,要什么有什么。但是对春晚来讲,节目怎么能够打到观众的心里,我觉得这个是很不容易的。


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