The measles virus was brought to Australia from Asia to raise the measles alarm

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Posted on Tuesday, January 2014, 1 28:10

(Measles virus was brought to Australia from Asia to sound the measles alarm)

        Following斯班市的一名成年人被确诊为已患麻疹疾病(传染性极强)后,斯班全城已经拉响麻疹警报。据昆州The bureau revealed that the measles patient从菲律宾抵达斯班后,很多人都被置于可能感染麻疹疾病的危险境地。

        It is understood that the measles patientMultiply飞机从菲律宾抵达了斯班(之前还曾经过悉尼)。当局表示,UpProbablyDuring flight or他们去凯恩斯的IGA时遭到传染。地铁南医院和公共服务的Brad McCall教授表示,所有的斯班人都要提高警惕,尤其是那些与携带病毒者People who have been in contact on an airplane or IGA.

        据悉,麻疹症状通常会It appears 10 days after being infected. Symptoms include fever, cough, and runny nose. A few days later, symptoms such as red punctate rash and eye pain will occur.

(Reproduced from Sydney Today)

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