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Female leopard hunted by poachers

Located in Huangling County, a branch of the Ziwuling Mountains, it was rumored that there was a leopard, a first-class national protected animal, but in recent decades, almost no trace of this rare animal has been found, and there is no physical evidence to support this rumor. At 1 pm on January 17, Huangling County Forest Police intercepted an illegal poaching gang and found a female Leopard, but unfortunately, it was hunted by poachers. At present, the Yan'an Forest Police has filed a case for investigation.

At 1 o'clock in the evening on January 17, the police from the Shangzhenzi Forest Police Station of Huangling County was patrolling the forest area under its jurisdiction at night. They found a white van parked on the side of the road, which was suspicious, and went to investigate. One person in the vehicle escaped quickly into the forest while the police were unprepared for interrogation. Another person was taken back to the police station for interrogation after being controlled by the police. In the vehicle, the police also found a dead female leopard and wire harness and other tools of crime.

After preliminary investigation, the police learned that the escaped suspect, Li, was the main perpetrator of the poaching case, and the captured suspect, Lu, cooperated with him in poaching and was mainly responsible for driving the vehicle. The two Leopards who died were caught in a private wire sheath in the forest area. "This is a tragic and major discovery. It proves that there is a leopard population in Huangling County, a branch of the Ziwuling Mountains. Unfortunately, this rare animal has been wildly hunted by poachers and is almost hard to find. Traces." said a person in charge of Yan'an Forest Public Security Bureau.

Currently, the Yan'an Forestry Public Security Bureau is arresting Li, the suspect in poaching.

Yan'an has discovered eight first-level protected wild animals

Yesterday (19th), the head of the Yan’an Wildlife Protection Station said that in the past, Yan’an, located on the Loess Plateau, had a fragile ecological environment and sparse forests, which made it unsuitable for large wild animals to survive. The ecological environment of Yan'an has been greatly improved by measures such as forestry and closure of mountains for afforestation, hunting, and grazing prohibition, and more and more wild animals have begun to appear.

It is understood that the leopard once had a wide distribution in our country, but due to ecological changes, human hunting and other reasons, its population has degraded, and its natural survival number is only a few hundred, which is lower than that of tigers.

"At the end of the 70s, the leopard was listed as a national third-level protected animal in China, and it was upgraded to a national second-level protected animal in 1981. It was again designated as a national first-level protected animal in 1983. Its population has been listed as an endangered animal. The international trade convention also included the leopard and all its manufactured products in the ban on trade. These measures have greatly strengthened the protection of the leopard." Gao Zhanjiang said, "Up to now, Yan'an has discovered 8 species of national first-level wildlife protection. There are leopards, forest musk deer, red-crowned cranes, brown horse chickens, golden eagles, great bustards, black storks and white storks."

It is reported that in 2006, the State Council approved the establishment of the Ziwuling Nature Reserve, which is the first national nature reserve on the Loess Plateau in northern Shaanxi. “There are totally 27 orders, 59 families and 188 species of animals in the nature reserve, of which 19 are national key protected animals and 73 are provincial key protected animals. In addition, the four major forestry areas of Huanglongshan, Laoshan, Qiaoshan and Qiaobei have been established in Yan'an. The reserve provides good natural conditions for the protection of wild animals." Gao Zhan said.

Seized on a long-distance bus

A large number of rare wild animals

On January 1, a group of criminals poached rare wild animals and was seized by the forestry police in Shangluo City during the transit.

On the evening of January 1, the police from the Forest Public Security Bureau of Shangluo City found two sacks and 17 boxes of suspicious consignments on a long-distance bus from Hanzhong to Shenzhen after receiving the police. The investigation found that the contents were all rare wild animals. "A total of more than 10 poultry carcasses were confiscated this time. These poultry are provincial key protected animals." The policeman handling the case said. According to reports, four live red ducks and one heron were also confiscated this time. The most precious of the wild animals seized this time is a box of giant salamanders (commonly known as baby fish), which belong to the national second-level protected animals. "Fortunately, these 120 boxes of baby fish are alive and have good vital signs." The police introduced. The police handling the case told reporters that the suspect wanted to use long-distance buses to cover people’s eyes and ears to consign rare animals through the large flow of passengers returning home during the New Year, and then sell them illegally for profit.

According to Tang Hongwei, head of the Criminal Investigation Brigade of the Shangluo Forest Public Security Bureau, the dead poultry and wild animals seized were all poisoned to death by criminals. If they enter the catering market, the consequences will be disastrous. It is understood that these cunning poachers used false names and false documents to register their consignments. At present, the Forest Public Security Department of Shangluo City has contacted the Hanzhong Public Security Department, and the case is still under investigation.