Longteng's Australian landmark Sydney is getting stronger

Updated on 24 January 2014, 14:34 AEST
Compiler: Li Weiguo Editor: Yang Yuxin

In late January 2014, the footsteps of the Spring Festival of the Year of the Horse are clearly audible. To welcome the Chinese New Year of the Horse, on January 1, a brightly colored Chinese dragon climbed to the top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, one of Australia’s landmarks, adding a strong touch to the Australian Spring Festival celebration of the Year of the Horse in the southern hemisphere. Year taste.

This 15-meter-long Chinese dragon was swung by 9 dragon dancers, beating gongs and drums all the way, climbing to the top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge 134 meters above the sea. An Australian Chinese dragon dancer who participated in the event told ABC that in Sydney, dragon and lion dances are an indispensable traditional way for the Chinese to celebrate every Chinese New Year. However, it makes sense to move the dragon dance performance to the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Chinese people have the saying "Climb the heights in the New Year", which means that career and life will be improved in the coming year.

According to the organizer of this event, more than 60 Chinese tourists visited Australia last year. Climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge has become another popular tourist project for Chinese tourists after visiting the Sydney Opera House. In the last year alone, the Mandarin Bridge Climbing Group brought a 30% increase in the bridge climbing project of the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

The Sydney Harbour Bridge New Year's Climb is part of the 2014 Chinese New Year Celebration of the Year of the Horse hosted by the City of Sydney. The 1 Sydney Chinese New Year celebration, which will kick off on January 24, encompasses more than 2014 splendid and all-encompassing events, making it the world's largest Chinese New Year celebration outside of mainland China. The Mayor of Sydney, Clover Moore, predicts that this year's celebration will attract about 80 tourists from Australia and at home and abroad, and bring about 60 million Australian dollars in economic benefits to the tourism industry in New South Wales where Sydney is located. In addition, in order to welcome Chinese tourists who are going to Australia during the Spring Festival, tourism industry and larger businesses all over Australia have also launched various promotional measures aimed at attracting Chinese tourists, hoping that the Spring Festival of the Horse will bring them Alluring "Qian Jing".