"Monroe" will be wet into the water for the opening of public welfare activities

Release your eyes, put on headphones, and listen~!

What could be hotter than 50 "Marilyn Monroe" appearing together? They will appear together near Melbourne's Brighton Pier on the 19th, and they will also get wet. This sultry but not fierce event will also kick off the classic Brighton Pier event on the 19th.

The organizer, Sarah Tinney, said that there will be 8 "Marilyn Monroe" who will stay on the shore to collect donations from tourists and provide sunscreen for guests going to the beach. The breast cancer patient Lee Dixon will also play Marilyn Monroe on the shore. She just underwent a mastectomy on the 13th.

More than 50 "Marilyn Monroe" wearing white swimsuits and golden wigs will go into the water, and many will go into the water in a swimming ring. The event will be donated to the SA Cancer Committee, and online sponsorship and donations will also be supported on the same day.

Tinney said: "My husband lost his mother because of breast cancer. I think all of us are unfortunately suffering from cancer, so everyone wants to do something for them."

Tinney said that after her mother died of uterine cancer in 2007, she became an ambassador for the cancer committee.

On the day of the event, about 10 "Monroe" will depart from Tinney's house at 60 am and will march along the dock road to the beach. The swimming event will start at 10:45 and will last about 25 minutes.


Editor: Cao Lize

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