time:2006-01-31source:The Australian Times Author:Zhang Ye

[News from this newspaper] The 2006 Miss Western Australia Chinese Beauty Pageant sponsored by the Chinese Club, sponsored by the "Australian Times", Kelan Group, Dr. Eyeglasses, Dato' Dr. Chen Zhennan, and Baili's Newlyweds Beauty House, has kicked off. The 11 shortlisted beauties will be on stage. The final will be held at the Chinese Cultural Center at 2006pm on February 2, 11 at the same time as the Lantern Festival Ball. This exciting event will show the beautiful Chinese in Western Australia. . The photos and names of the 7 beauties are now published as follows:

1. Wendy Loh

2. Linda Cheng Zheng Ruwen

3. Sussangel Yan

4. Rachel Poon

5. Julie Cheng

6. Olivia Wu Siu Chern

7. Wendy Yunya Qi

8. Lai Kwun Yek Ye Lijun

9. Lai Ming Yek Ye Liming

10. Cythia Anggraini Yu Xinwei

• Grace Wong Taun Nhiau Huang Dan Niu