The 2006 Miss Chinese Western Australia Pageant Candidates are on the stage

Release your eyes, put on headphones, and listen~!

time:2006-01-31:"University of AustraliaTimes Author:Zhang Ye

[News from this newspaper] by Zhonghua举办,《澳大时报》、柯蓝集团公司、博士眼镜、拿督陈振南博士、柏丽新婚美容之家等赞助的 2006 年西澳已经拉开帷幕, 11 名入围的候选佳丽登场,决赛 2006 年 2 月 11 日晚上 7 点钟在中心与元宵舞会同时举行,狗年新春这一激动人心的盛会将展现西澳华人靓丽的风采。现将 11 位佳丽的照片及姓名刊登如下:

1. Wendy Loh

2. Linda Cheng Zheng Ruwen

3. Sussangel Yan

4. Rachel Poon

5. Julie Cheng

6. Olivia Wu Siu Chern

7. Wendy Yunya Qi

8. Lai Kwun Yek Ye Lijun

9. Lai Ming Yek Ye Liming

10. Cythia Anggraini Yu Xinwei

• Grace Wong Taun Nhiau Huang Dan Niu


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